Vampire Wars

Vampire Wars is a game created by Zynga where you create your own vampire avatar, build a clan from other Vampire Wars players, gain skills by completing challenges and fight to be the most powerful vampire of all.  This educational guide was not written by Zynga or affiliated with Zynga, it is solely for educational purposes. Read on for game play tips.



There are three types of vampire avatars to choose
from.  Each has its particular game playing benefits.

The choices are:

v  Primeval
(previously “Animalistic”) = Faster Health Restore

v  Noble
(previously “Ravenous”) = Faster Blood Flow (from minions)

v  Modern
(previously “Punk”) = Faster Energy Restore

Once you have chosen which type of vampire you would like to be then you get to play dress up!  Choose between male and female, body type and hair color.  You may even choose how to dress your avatar and what image will be in the background.

As you move further into the game and accrue in blood and skill you may purchase additional dress items.

Building Clan

The best way to build your clan quickly is by joining groups and requesting Vampire War friends. Type Vampire Wars into the FB search tab and narrow the selection by Groups.  There are many groups dedicated to increasing your clan size but a couple of the most popular are Vampire Wars – Add 600+ in 60 Minutes! and Vampire Wars (Mass Add). You can join these groups  and post a friend request on the wall or you can start friending people with “Vampire Wars” written in the subject line of your request.

If you are going to be a daily VW gamer I would suggest a special FB page dedicated to this game.  There are continuous gifts to share with friends and if you have scores of people in your clan then your news feed will be full of VW updates and extras.

Allocating Skill Points

Set the baseline for your skill points on your Stats page.  After a certain period of time (which depends on which level you are on) those points will be replenished. Your skill points are essential for playing this game.  Where you put those points determines how much game play you will get.  For example if you put the majority of your points into Rage (which takes a 2 point minimum to increase) and less into your health, you may win all your fights, but you will only get to fight a couple of times and will not win very much blood as fighting uses up health faster than rage.   And since you are a vampire – blood is essential so you want to fight!  All of your skills will reset after a certain number of minutes, but it’s best to be smart in how you allocate rather than waiting for it to refill to play.

Your Energy and Health will be the two skills that you will want to increase the most, with health being the most important.  After playing the game a few times I would suggest reallocating your points (you get a freebee to do this initially on the Elders tab).  Health is the most important skill for fighting, allowing you to fight longer, and you use the Energy for your missions.

At the bottom of the Fledgling page under the Mission tab there is a practice fight option with Baba Yaga.  I highly recommend you increase your Health to a minimum of 125 before taking her on.  She’s not as frail as she looks!

Your goal for a strategically played game would be working towards allocating a minimum of Health to 125, Energy to 50,  Rage to 10, Attack to 10, and Defense to 10.  Really, the longer you play and the more you Level Up you will continue to increase these skill numbers but initially build your Health to 125 before taking on Baba Yaga and to ensure more fighting opportunities.

There are other areas where you can earn extra skill points.  One additional skill point can be earned for every mastered mission or trophy earned.

Freebies On Your Wall

Check your wall regularly for all your vamp clans achievements that are shared.  The more people in your clan the more opportunities for great bonuses but you also have to be quick – there is a limited number offered per posting. You also may want to avoid cluttering up your friends walls with all your achievements.  Post only when there are free boosts or skill bonuses to share. The Dead Bull 50% Energy Boost is an example of one of the many boosts you may find posted on your wall.  This boost I use often to cram in a few more

Using The Boosts

When you run out of energy or health… don’t use the Favor Points! You may use a boost to refill or partially fill your energy or health.  Go to the Coffin tab and the Stats page and scroll down to your boosts.  Select a boost from your inventory to use it.

Navigating Game

While playing the game I found that there were so many game pages that I had difficulty finding my desired location.  I kept wanting to purchase minions for example, or gamble my blood for a prized ability but I wouldn’t remember where to go to do these things. There are so many activities it can be a bit overwhelming so here is a brief explanation of what can be found and where to find it.

News –  Limited Ability advertisement, mini game links, quick links to blood gambling games such as Akem’s Gamble and Blood Magic.  A quick link to the Collectors page, Avatar Judgments, clan Gifts link, and clan News Feed can all also be found in the News page.

Stats – View and allocate your Skill Points, change Avatar Title, Fighting Statistics, Blood Flow, and Inventory of the following:
Boosts, Mission Items, Offensive skills, Defensive skills, Movement skills, Minions, and lastly Trophies.

Trophies – A list of all the trophies you may earn in each category.  The categories being: Character, Missions, Earnings, Combat, and Special.  The trophies you have already earned are colored while the ones you have yet to achieve are in gray scale.

Avatar – Edit your avatar’s appearance and visit the Avatar Items Shop

Comments – Leave comments for an individual player or for your whole clan.

Judgments – Judge other players avatars as Tasty (+2), Tempting (+1), or Toxic (-1). These judgments affect the overall scores of the players you vote on.  To put yourself on the judgment block visit the Stats page and select “Share avatar with friends.”

Invite – Add new clan members from your Face Book contacts.

My Clan – View all your clan members and send them personal gifts.

Play a mission to mastery according to your skill level.  Levels here are listed in order of lowest to highest:  Fledgling, Neophyte, Adept, Savant, Stalker, Deathbringer, Vindicator, and Scion.  You may also purchase new abilities on this page when they are needed to complete a mission.

Fight – All the players currently playing at your skill ranking are listed on this page for you to.  You may also check out their stats, judge their avatar, volunteer them for the Hitlist, Bite or Attack all by selecting their names.

Hitlist – Contains  list of players nominated for attack.

Fight Leaderboard – Fighting statistics for Your Clan and Overall players.

Abilities – Choose to purchase Offensive, Defensive, and Movement abilities with your blood.

Minions – Dominate minions to build up regular blood.

Avatar Shop – Edit and purchase avatar items.

Council – Purchase boosts and stamina for Favor Points.  Also may purchase additional Favor Points using credit card.

Akem’s Gamble – Gamble Akem for rare abilities.

Blood Magic – Gamble with Mandy (super creepy vampire child) for boosts and bonuses.. and the occasional curse.

Crypt – visit treasure chest each day at the same time for four consecutive days to see what is in the chest.

Collector – Elder Jeremy can find you anything…. for a cost.

Artisans – Use collected wings to purchase a bonus set.

Help – A brief description of game play and FAQs.

Forum – View and post questions, check on latest game play news, and VW updates.

Support – Problem search engine.


Building Skill

This game is all about building power by increasing blood, enlarging your clan, winning fights and completing missions.  It is a juggling act of growing everything from your energy and health to blood and kills.  Strategy is important.  So learn to juggle all these factors to increase your power and plan well.  Everything you do will affect your skill rating so here are a number of strategies to help keep you on a constant skill increase.

1. Keep that blood flowing!  You’re a vampire now and blood is critical so buy, buy, buy those minions. The more minions you have in your control the more blood you will increase regularly.  Also, when you begin to gain abilities they will start to require blood to maintain them so stock up on that tasty blood.

2. Build up your clan.  A couple of the benefits to having a large clan that I have noticed are more opportunities for bonuses on your wall, and more support in a fight.  You can still beat a vampire in combat who has a larger clan than you – but it’s always helpful to have that backup.

3. It is crucial to win your fights.  To insure a win click on a vamps name (highlighted in yellow)on the Combat page with a lower skill level than yourself and check their vampire profile.  I make sure only to fight vamps 100 or more skill points below me and this seems to work out well. On the vamps profile look at two things before you fight them.  1. make sure that they have a nice fight loss to win ratio (though you still may win the fight if their overall skill level is significantly lower than yours.  But it’s better to be safe than sorry).  And 2. that they have enough minions to make it worth your while.  If you win a fight and receive less than 100,000 blood move onto the next vamp.  You’re health will be used up quickly while fighting and you cannot fight below 20 health points so don’t waste those points on a thirsty vamp.  Blood is your life force and the more minions they have, the more blood you can win in a fight.

Defeating other vamps is the quickest way to win a lot of blood fast.  It’s good to have a steady blood flow from your minions but you can gain millions in blood with just a few minutes of strategic fighting.  That blood is important folks so be very thoughtful before initiating a fight.  And unless you bank you blood (see below for banking blood) before each and every fight a lost fight to a big opponent could mean a big loss of blood!

4. master your missions.  to master your missions you have to simultaneously increase in blood to buy more abilities and continue to use and refill your rage and energy.  The rage I don’t really worry about – that really takes a long time to run out.  But the energy will run out quite quickly.    It is all a juggling act with using your skills so see Allocating Skill Points for a few tips on distributing them to your benefit.

Leveling Up

Every Level Up is going to get you a refill on all skill levels and an additional five points to allocate where you’d like. Level Up by gaining in experience.  And experience is gained by completing missions and fighting.  Missions and fighting, missions and fighting, missions and fighting…. Don’t forget it.


You can bank your blood to keep it safe during a fight and from Mandy when you gamble ( That brat doesn’t always hand out bonuses). To do this go to “Visit your blood bank” on the Stats page under the Coffin tab.  You will lose 10% with your initial deposit, but if you have a lot you might want to keep it safe from prying or mischievous hands.

Favor Points

Favor points can be used to purchase special items such as an ability available for a limited time, additional boosts and even skill points.  Since boosts, skill points, and rare items are awarded through clan members wall posts, completing missions, and gambling I reserve my favor points for unusual abilities that are offered.  Favor points accrue very slowly so if you don’t want to wait there is always the option to purchase more.

This is the game in a nutshell.  Remember to take on many challenges to win trophies,  find hidden gifts and abilities;  fight other players and attack those minions to gain more blood…. oh, and don’t forget to enjoy the game!